A condition causing inflammation of the eyelids, commonly at the edges, and usually affecting both eyes.

Symptoms of blepharitis

Typically, symptoms flare up from time to time, but you may have long periods without any symptoms.
  • The main symptom is sore eyelids with both eyes usually affected
  • Eyes may feel gritty, itchy or as though they are burning
  • Eyelids may look inflamed or greasy
  • Eyes may become sticky with discharge, particularly in the morning
  • Sometimes tiny flakes or scales appear on the eyelids, which look like small flakes of dandruff
  • Crusts may develop at the base of eyelashes. One or more of the tiny glands of the eyelids (meibomian glands) may block and fill with an oily fluid

Other conditions commonly associated with blepharitis are dry eye syndrome, seborrhoeic dermatitis and rosacea (facial flushing, spots, and central facial redness). Some of these symptoms can be caused by problems other than blepharitis. If you have pain in your eye, feel sensitive to light or your sight is affected, contact your GP or optometrist straight away.

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