You are not alone

How many people have GEP-NETs?

GEP-NETs are classed as a rare disease. In 100,000 people, you would statistically expect to find between 2 and 5 people with GEP-NETs.1

Unfortunately, as GEP-NETs are so rare there isn’t a lot of information about them, so it’s hard to give exact numbers.

What we do know is….

  • Less than 1% of new cancer diagnoses are for GEP-NETs (about 0.5%)2
  • The number of people with GEP-NETs is growing. This might be because:1-4
    • More people are getting the condition and/or
    • People are becoming more aware of GEP-NETs and
    • Doctors are getting better all the time at testing for and diagnosing GEP-NETs


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