Other procedures used to treat GEP-NETs

Alongside surgery, there are other procedures that your medical team may consider1 2 – again, depending on your individual circumstances. These include:

Radiotherapy3 – radiation is used to target and kill off cancer cells. There are different types of radiotherapy, depending on what it’s being used for. The side effects can make you feel very unwell, but most people do recover.

Radionuclide therapy2,4 – this is when a radioactive substance called radionuclide is injected into your bloodstream. It targets the tumour cells and helps to slow down the growth of the tumour.

These procedures might be used before or after surgery to help tackle the tumour in different ways.

Because the effects of radiotherapy happen very slowly, it will also take longer for you to notice improvements in your symptoms than after surgery or with medicines. In the meantime, you may have drug therapy as well.1,2


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