Starting a family

Starting a family is an exciting, and daunting, prospect for anyone. If you have acromegaly there are a few extra things to think about.

Although having acromegaly can affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant, improvements in treatment of both acromegaly and fertility problems means that it is becoming more common.1 In men, acromegaly can cause erectile dysfunction, but this can also be helped by effective treatment of growth hormone levels.2

The first thing you should do is arrange an appointment with your doctor to talk about the impact of your current treatment, and referral to a fertility specialist if necessary. They will be able to provide advice on whether you might need any change to your acromegaly treatment or any extra monitoring during pregnancy. They will also be able to answer any questions you might have and talk to you about any potential risks that might be associated with your current treatment.

You should also talk to your doctor if you have been diagnosed with either familial isolated pituitary adenoma or multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1, because there is a small chance that these conditions can be passed on.3


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